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Strong Public Education


Attempting to shore up education through band-aid type measures cannot last. Students and teachers require permanent solutions to the facility and funding deficits that cripple our teachers and local schools.   

Criminal Justice Reform


The recent efforts by the Texas House and certain urban municipalities to reduce first time low-level drug offenses to civil penalties are a step in the right direction. The goal for these offenders is to reduce recidivism and treat these individuals so that they may become productive members of our community by creating treatment programs, focusing on mental health and job training rather than significant incarceration.

Affordable Healthcare


Texas is home to one of the highest rates of maternal mortality, especially among women of color and those who are socio-economically disadvantaged. An estimated 4.3 million Texans are living without health insurance, in part due to the legislature's failure to expand Medicaid. We owe it to our citizens to expand their healthcare options. We must put politics aside and ensure that Texans are healthy, have access to the care they need, and can make the medical decisions that are best for them.





Joe Drago is a native Texan, born and raised right here in Southwest Fort Worth. He's a father, lawyer, and experienced leader. Joe comes from a family of hard-working public servants and knows what it takes to lead. 

I will listen, work hard, and keep the best interests of hard-working Texans as my first priority if elected to the State Legislature.



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